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The Emotional Lives of Teenagers

The Emotional Lives of Teenagers

Lisa's latest New York Times best seller is an urgently needed guide to help parents understand their teenagers’ intense and often fraught emotional lives—and how to support them through this critical developmental stage.

Under Pressure

Under Pressure

Lisa’s second New York Times best seller is a celebrated guide to addressing the alarming increase in anxiety and stress in girls from elementary school through college.



Lisa’s award-winning New York Times best seller–now available in nineteen languages–is a sane, informed, and engaging guide for parents of teenage girls.

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About Me

Dr. Lisa Damour is the author of three New York Times best sellers: Untangled, Under Pressure, and The Emotional Lives of Teenagers, which have been translated into twenty-three languages. She co-hosts the Ask Lisa podcast, works in collaboration with UNICEF, and is recognized as a thought leader by the American Psychological Association. Dr. Damour is a regular contributor to The New York Times and CBS News and the creator of Untangling 10to20, a digital library of premium content to support teens and those who care for them.

Dr. Damour serves as a Senior Advisor to the Schubert Center for Child Studies at Case Western Reserve University and has written numerous academic papers, chapters, and books related to education and child development. She maintains a clinical practice and also speaks to schools, professional organizations, and corporate groups around the world on the topics of child and adolescent development, family mental health, and adult well-being. Dr. Damour also works with industry leaders on topics related to adolescent mental health and was a consultant to Pixar on the film Inside Out 2.

Dr. Damour graduated with honors from Yale University and worked for the Yale Child Study Center before earning her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Michigan. She has been a fellow at Yale’s Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy and the University of Michigan’s Power Foundation. She and her husband are the proud parents of two daughters.

Global Work

Dr. Damour seeks to support parents and caregivers around the world. Multiple collaborations allow Dr. Damour to extend her reach far beyond her own books, articles, podcast, newsletter, and posts. 

As a partner and collaborator with the humanitarian aid foundation UNICEF, Dr. Damour creates regular content for a global community in need. She provides context, translation, and advice as a mental health expert for the organization’s parenting arm in the form of videos and written content. She is also the English voice of UNICEF’s podcast to support Ukrainian teens.In partnership with Pivotal Ventures and the Ad Council, Dr. Damour serves as an expert advisor to Sound It Out Together, a digital platform offering mental health resources for parents looking to communicate more effectively with their children. She also collaborates with Making Caring Common, a project housed at the Harvard University School of Education that develops resources to help educators and parents protect and cultivate youth mental health.


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How Can We Protect Teen Mental Health? US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy interviews Dr. Damour on his podcast “House Calls with Dr. Vivek Murthy” and they discuss social media, the unsettling new data about teen mental health and more. The interview was recorded live in Cleveland, Ohio. Watch Here
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Lisa is a regular contributor to both The New York Times and CBS News.

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Dr. Damour speaks around the world on a wide range of topics including stress, anxiety, well-being, parenting, education, and child and adolescent development. She welcomes the opportunity to tailor her presentations to fit the needs of a specific audience.

Here is how you can inquire about arranging a virtual or in-person speaking engagement with Dr. Damour

Schools and community-based organizations:
Colleen Abdalian
[email protected]

All other individuals or organizations should contact:
The Harry Walker Agency
[email protected]

“Lisa Damour accomplishes the near impossible. She deftly blends insights from her clinical experience, time-honored wisdom, the latest social science and neuroscience research, and frank descriptions of cultural trends and media messages.”

– Wendy Mogel, Ph.D., New York Times best-selling author

“Lisa is an amazing speaker who captivates her audience with the way she weaves research, personal stories, and real life into relevant advice. She gives parents tools that allow them to be more effective while instilling confidence and a feeling that you’re-not-in-this-alone. Lisa does not lecture or judge; she speaks frankly and always has a unique and knowledgeable view on parenting topics.”

– Robin Eisen, Co-President Shaker Heights High School PTO

“Lisa is masterful working with faculty. Her warmth and humor engages them, putting them at ease as she communicates an understanding of both their compassion and commitment to their students and the challenges they face. Her presentations are interactive and practical, providing teachers with concrete strategies whose value they all recognize. Lisa is, without question, the most popular professional development speaker we’ve had in the eight years I’ve been Head of School. ”

– Susanna Jones, Head of School Holton Arms School


For media inquiries related to The Emotional Lives of Teenagers, Untangled or Under Pressure, please contact Sarah Breivogel at [email protected].

Have a question for the Ask Lisa Podcast? Send it to [email protected].

For questions regarding Untangled Media Group, our membership platform, and partnership opportunities contact [email protected].

For all other inquiries, please contact [email protected]. Though it is not possible to respond to every email we receive, please know that we welcome and read each message.

Write to Dr. Damour at 21403 Chagrin Boulevard, Suite 222, Beachwood, OH 44122

Dr. Damour is not accepting new clients, and it is not possible for her to respond to requests for advice via email. Please contact your primary care provider for a referral to a clinician in your area if you are in need of further assistance.

The advice provided here by Dr. Damour and the resources shared by her AI-powered librarian, Rosalie, will not and do not constitute - or serve as a substitute for - professional psychological treatment, therapy, or other types of professional advice or intervention. If you have concerns about your child’s well-being, consult a physician or mental health professional.