The Emotional Lives of Teenagers

The Emotional Lives of Teenagers

Lisa's latest New York Times best seller is an urgently needed guide to help parents understand their teenagers’ intense and often fraught emotional lives—and how to support them through this critical developmental stage.

Under Pressure

Under Pressure

Lisa’s second New York Times best seller is a celebrated, urgently needed guide to addressing the alarming increase in anxiety and stress in girls from elementary school through college.



Lisa’s award-winning New York Times best seller–now available in nineteen languages–is a sane, informed, and engaging guide for parents of teenage girls.


Looking for more parenting insights and expert guidance? Lisa’s premiere online workshop takes a deep dive into her latest New York Times bestseller, offering practical support and tested strategies that you can implement at home.

Book cover - Emotional Lives of Teenagers
Enrolling in this self-paced workshop comes with:

A video to accompany each chapter of the book as well as the book’s introduction and conclusion. This exclusive set of videos is available only through the workshop. You can revisit the videos as many times as you’d like. 

Exclusive, downloadable summaries of the key points in each chapter to help refresh your memory or guide your reading.

A downloadable workbook – available only through this workshop – with reflection questions to help you put the ideas in The Emotional Lives of Teenagers to work in your home.

Workshop: The Emotional Lives of Teenagers


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With this workshop, I promise you expert guidance and practical strategies on how to support the teens you love as they grow into connected, capable, and compassionate adults.

Does a copy of the book The Emotional Lives of Teenagers come with the workshop?

No. The cost of the workshop covers the workshop videos, summaries of the key points in each chapter, and the downloadable workbook. The Emotional Lives of Teeangers can be purchased separately everywhere books are sold.

Do I need to read The Emotional Lives of Teenagers to take the workshop?

No. That said, the workshop and the accompanying workbook guide you through a deep dive into the topics covered by the book. You will, without question, get much more out of the workshop if you are reading or have read the book.

Should I read The Emotional Lives of Teenagers before, during, or after taking the workshop?

That’s up to you. If you want to read the book first, be sure to have it on hand so that you can return to the relevant sections as you make your way through the workshop videos and workbook. Alternatively, you might want to read The Emotional Lives of Teenagers for the first time as you move through the workshop.

How does the workbook that comes with the workshop differ from the free downloadable reader’s guide for parents that you make available on your website?

There are some areas of overlap between the free, downloadable guide that is available on my website and the workbook that comes with the workshop. That said, the workbook that accompanies the workshop includes bulleted summaries of each chapter, has more detailed reflection questions for each chapter, and provides greater support for putting the guidance in The Emotional Lives of Teeangers to work in your home.